Beard Trimming with a Beard Trimmer step by step

You can not just start to trim your beard. It is wise to first get the beard hair in optimal condition so that you can trim your beard in a comfortable way and without mistakes. mybeardguy

To get the most out of your beard trimmer you can read below the steps you need to prepare yourself well. Perhaps you have not used a beard trimmer before or are you not satisfied with the current result.

1. Wash beard

Wash your beard hair with a mild beard soap . It is important that your beard hairs are free of dirt and remnants of beard oil. You will notice that your hairs are easier to shave after a wash.

Make sure that hairs are dry. Wet hairs are heavier and harder to cut through the beard trimmer. In addition, you do not want your hair accidentally trim short so that bare spots arise.

2. Make unequal lengths visible

Make unequal lengths visible. Use a beard comb or beard brush to reveal uneven lengths in the beard. This way you can trim in an even way.

3. Define neckline

Tip: Use a safe, longer position on the beard trimmer before you start. Before you trim the final length, first try a longer length so that you get a feel for the device.

Start by trimming the neckline. A well-visible, neat neckline forms the basis for a well-groomed appearance. The neckline is the imaginary line between the neck and the beard. Define it for yourself and trim it afterwards. First you use the beard trimmer and where necessary use a precision blade to make the contrast between the neck and beard perfect. Go through this step quietly and under control.

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